Friday, 5 July 2019

A posh Catalan racist

Xavi Boada Vila is a racist.
That is the conclusion to be drawn from his tweets.

Hitler killed Jews, all Spain has to do now is kill the Catalans because everything that Hitler did with the Jews Spain has already done to the Catalans.
Most of you who insult me don’t have 1% of my followers, you mean I’m stupid and you are VERY INTELLIGENT. Then why don’t you have so many thousands of followers? Can it be because you only know how to insult people? Or because you’re really dumb?

In Catalonia we don’t need more Andalusians, stay at home and work at what you know about, waiting for your dole money that the Catalans pay, if we need proper labour the Latinos and Moroccans can run rings round you.

The crude language and ideas, and the unorthodox punctuation, reflect the quality of the Catalan original. The man is a writer with three novels to his name, though they have fared dreadfully on Amazon. But that doesn’t matter. He is a rich kid. He lives in Matadepera near Barcelona, a small town of 8,841 inhabitants that is the second richest municipality in Spain. Its inhabitants declare an average gross income of €54,113 per year. This is neither surprising nor coincidental. Catalan independence has always drawn its support from the wealthy Catalan bourgeoisie who run Catalonia (as we have seen) for themselves and despise those whom they regard as the racially inferior types from the south.

This sort of thing is nothing new in the world. We have seen the same crudeness in the UK. Boada may be posh socially, but morally he is on the same level as this.

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